Groups & Charters

A trip to the region is not complete without including the magnificent destination of the French Lick Resorts and Casino. We invite you to maximize your guests’ participation in your meeting or event with the option of a pre- or-post trip to the Resorts and Casino aboard the Spirit of Jasper train. Your program and its success are our priority and we provide multiple solutions to ensure the participants take away lifetime memories and a high degree of satisfaction.

If you would like to organize a group or corporate outing aboard the Spirit of Jasper, we’re at your service. Please e-mail Janessa Wolf ( or contact her at Jasper Parks & Recreation Department, 812-482-5959, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday to discuss your options.


Group Travel

The train is ideal for celebrating class reunions, anniversaries, weddings, or other group events. Get out of your car and start your Spirit of Jasper experience in Jasper. Leave the “driving” to us and spend more time enjoying the sights, sounds, and camaraderie of your group. Make your event unforgettable.



You can charter a car during a regularly scheduled trip or you can charter the entire train for your special event. The breakdowns are as follows:


Charter a Car

A car may be chartered during one of our regularly scheduled runs. At this time, we have two cars available for charter: the Lounge Car 300 and the Club Car 200. Lounge Car 300 can seat 48 people. Club Car 200 can seat 46 people (40 people if a meal is served as six seats do not have a table). The Spirit of Jasper reserves the right to assign a charter group to a specific car.

The Parlour Car 400 may not be privately chartered as it services both other cars.


Club Car 200 – $1564   Lounge Car 300 – $1632

Charter a Private Car for the Jasper to French Lick Excursion

The entire cost is due at the time of chartering, and requires the signing of a Lease Agreement. Contact Janessa Wolf at Jasper Parks & Recreation Department to schedule your Private Charter (, or call 812-482-5959). Passengers in the chartered car will have access to the Parlour Car where drinks are available for purchase. Please note: Alcohol may not be carried onto or off the train unless passengers utilize the depot or stay on the deck of the depot.


June & July ONLY Charter Discounts

Charter a Private Car for a RIDE & DINE during a regularly scheduled trip in June or July and enjoy a 15% DISCOUNT.

Club Car 200 (40 seats) – $1,700

Lounge Car 300 (48 seats) – $2,040

The train may be chartered at a time when the Spirit of Jasper is not already scheduled to run, and is available for a requested date. When chartering the entire train, you may use the food caterer of your choice. If you wish to have alcoholic beverages available, you must use the liquor service provided by IRM. They will need to know what type of drink service is desired at the time of booking.

Please e-mail Janessa Wolf ( or call the Jasper Parks & Recreation Department at 812-482-5959 to check on availability and for additional information.


Charter the Entire Train

Private Charter Ride & Dine – $3,740 – 88 seats

Your private charter includes Schnitzelbank Buffet Meals for up to 88 passengers. You may select your own caterer. If you select your own caterer, the fee for the Schnitzelbank meal will be deleted; the adjusted fee when using your own caterer is  $2543.

Private Charter French Lick Express – $4080 – 120 seats

Private Charter – 1 Hour trip – $1200 – 120 seats, 88 if eating

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