Monon Car


This Pullman Observation Car was built in 1924 for the Great Northern Railroad and was named the “Great Spirit.” It was the tail car on a luxury train that ran from Chicago to the West Coast named “The Oriental Express.”

In 1954, the Monon Railroad purchased the car from Pullman and modernized it for use by Warren Brown, President of the Monon Railroad. He named the car “Lynne” after his only granddaughter. The City of Jasper leases this car from its owners, The Monon Railroad Historical – Technical Society, Inc.

The Monon Car has private seating for 30 passengers: 16 in one dining area, two bunk rooms with seating for four each, and another private area for six. It also has a patio area for outdoor observation. Passengers aboard the Monon Car will experience luxurious dining with tableside service and plated meals, and will receive a souvenir glass upon departure.


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